Affresco Caravan Chelsea Georgian Izumi Sato Cinaras


Affresco! Welcome to a course!
Try fettuccine with an alfredo sauce!
“Che bonito! D’incanto!” is all you hear.
No defects, but advantages are here!
The pizzas are of various taste and size.
Their flavor’s worthy of the highest prize.
Beneath the fresco see the wine collection
– Sicilian sun and gentle breeze reflection.
Two magic lions on twin pillars rest
To greet you and to wish you all the best.



Risotto – one of the masterpieces of Italian culinary art. Affresco offers its guests a variety of classic Italian risotto. Since ancient times risotto is cooked from the special kinds of rice and one of them is Arborio, which is grown in the province of Vercelli in the Northwest of Italy and delivered to Affresco. Cooked Arborio rice has a very tender creamy flavor.
The delicious risotto becomes black and flavored by the cuttlefish’s own ink sac, by adding “mascarpone” and “mozzarella di bufala” cheese. Black risotto is traditionally decorated with tiger shrimp. The result is well worth it.