Affresco Caravan Chelsea Georgian Izumi Sato Cinaras


Affresco! Welcome to a course!
Try fettuccine with an alfredo sauce!
“Che bonito! D’incanto!” is all you hear.
No defects, but advantages are here!
The pizzas are of various taste and size.
Their flavor’s worthy of the highest prize.
Beneath the fresco see the wine collection
– Sicilian sun and gentle breeze reflection.
Two magic lions on twin pillars rest
To greet you and to wish you all the best.


The authentic Sicilian restaurant Affresco is the most romantic place in the city! It is not without reason that this restaurant is often chosen as the perfect place for marriage proposals. During the last two years, more than 100 nuptial proposals were made in the romantic ambiance of Affresco.

The pleasant atmosphere of Affresco is suitable not only for the declaration of love.

The menu at Affresco offers a wide choice of classic Italian Sicilian dishes, including a wide range of pastas and pizzas. The epicurean ingredients and spices are imported from Sicily, allowing the restaurant’s chefs to deliver truly culinary chef-d’oeuvre with each dish.